Located in B’nai Brith House, Seniors, Maintaining, Active, Roles, Today, is a new center designed for local seniors which focuses on Healthy Aging. Adopting an educational model and integrative therapies, the program will provide a variety of services which targets health, mobility and quality of life.

Exercise:  The  S.M.A.R.T  Healthy aging center will offer muscle strengthening programs such as: Yoga, Tai Chi, CustomFit and Core Strength. Fall prevention and gait training groups will be led by trained proffesionals and will be offered by session

Lectures/Learning/ Support: Keeping our Brain fit is the key to maintaining vitality. Features a series of lectures and workshops designed to promote personal knowledge relating to Health and well being. ” Jog your memory“, Nutrition and Understanding medications are a few examples.

Computers: Basic computer skills as well as a series of specially designed programs which uses computers to promote brain fitness will be offered.

We truly believe in the involvement of mind, body and spirit in life to promote healthy living and to remain vital and independent.

 Getting Older doesn’t mean slowing down.

Learn how to make simple life changes to stay active and healthy.

By taking steps in changing your life TODAY you can make significant

impact on the quality of your life  TOMORROW.

It is never too late to start!