Healthy Living

B’nai Brith House continues to meet the needs of Montreal’s aging population by offering independent seniors affordable housing combined with a lifestyle which maintains security, friendship and active living.


Promoting an active living lifestyle, B’nai Brith House residents can plan their day by consulting our monthly calendar. Residents enjoy a complete Recreation program which offers daily exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretchercise and Zumba Gold.  Each day is action packed with a variety of stimulating and fun activities. There is something for everyone.  Water-colour painting, Lectures, Opera reviews, Entertainment, music appreciation,  computer lessons as well as  scheduled outings to cultural and social events; are all part of our active living lifestyle.

Recently Bnai Brith House launched the S.M.A.R.T ( Seniors,Maintaining, Active, Roles, Today ) Healthy Aging Center, providing local seniors an opportunity to benefit from a variety of services which promotes Health, Mobility and Quality of Life.